2024 BISL Champs - Samarra FC

Hejaz and Samarra played a thrilling 2024 finals. Both teams had plenty of chances but the goalkeeping was superb. Samarra opened the scoring in the final minute of the first half with a dandy. Fawad Akram dangled on the sidelines to open up the defense, then finds Shahbaz Tayyub on the touchline who puts a perfect cross for Nasir Rehman to head home the opener. Hejaz had plenty of build-up and dominated possession for most of the 2nd half but couldn't connect in the final third of the pitch. With 5 minutes to go, Fawad Akram and Anas Mohammed played a fancy touch-and-go that was concluded by a top-shelf finish by Anas. The match finished 2-0 for Samarra. Samarra adds their third title as a franchise. Playoff MVP went to Hussam Ayubi who had two clean sheets in the playoffs along with an assist.