2024 Playoffs


The 2024 BISL Playoffs are here.
Here is the complete schedule for the playoffs: 

Playoff Rules: 

Higher seed only needs a tie over two legs in the quarters. Lower seed must win outright over two legs in quarters. No penalties in quarters. Semis and finals have penalties. 
Players must play a minimum of 6 games in the regular season to be playoff eligible or 50% of games since you joined the league. To appeal for an exception, please contact the league management.
Cards carry over from the regular season to the playoffs. A third yellow card carries an automatic 1-game suspension. Fourth card carries an automatic 1-game suspension. 
No substitutes are allowed in the playoffs. You only play with the brothers on the roster.  

January 28th - Quarterfinals Leg #1: 
9PM: Gharb #1 (Anatolia) v Sharq #4 (Sham) Field 1, Sharq #2 (Samarra) v Gharb #3 (Andalusia) Field 4  
10PM: Sharq #1 (Hejaz) v Gharb #4 (Masr) Field 1, Gharb #2 (Maghrib) v Sharq #3 (Jerusalem) Field 4

February 4th - Quarterfinals Leg #2 : 
9PM:  Gharb #2 (Maghrib) v Sharq #3 (Jerusalem) Field 1 , Sharq #1 (Hejaz) v Gharb #4 (Masr) Field 4
10PM: Sharq #2 (Samarra) v Gharb #3 (Andalusia) Field 1, Gharb #1 (Anatolia) v Sharq #4 (Sham) Field 4

February 11th - Semifinals Leg #1 : 
9PM:  Maghrib v Hejaz Field 1
10PM: Samarra v Anatolia Field 1

February 25th - Semifinals Leg #2 : 
9PM:  Samarra v Anatolia Field 1
10PM: Maghrib v Hejaz Field 1 

All-Star Sunday on February 18th. Finals on March 3rd.

Good Luck to all the teams and be safe.