2023 BISL Champs - Sham FC

Masr and Sham played a dandy in the 2023 BISL Finals. Masr stuck first with Rameez Siddiqi fighting his way to a long ball from Shaheen Limbada and putting in a clincal finish. Aadhil Mohamed produced some solo magic to beat two defenders with his pace to put Masr up 2-0. Sham FC got a momentum building goal just before halftime on a free kick from Ovaiz Khan that found Ayaz Patel infront of the net to deflect it home. Sham found the equalizer midway through the 2nd half on a defensive breakdown that saw Muhammad Shah 1v1 with the goalie that squared up the game. Once again, the finals came down to penalty kicks. Shah - Miss, Aadhil - Goal, Ali Lone - Goal, Shaheen Goal, Ovaiz - Goal, Afnan - Miss, Abdo - Goal, Rameez - Goal, Ayaz - Goal, Sheraz - Miss... the penalties went to 2 extra kickers before Sham took home the victory. Sham FC complete the undefeated season. Congrats to both teams on an amazing display of footy and brotherhood. Sham FC take home their first title in team history.